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Best Practices for Creating Handles or Usernames

Best Practices for Creating Handles or Usernames

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that there is a lot of misinformation about social media handles or usernames. So, it is not a big surprise that many brands and businesses are challenged in getting the right one. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, a handle or username is a public identifier. It is a way to send a certain message. Using witty handles is a way to show -off fun and laidback character. A clean and non-colorful handle shows reliability or trustworthiness. Below, here are some best practices for creating handles or usernames.

Align Your Handles with Your Business Name or Domain Name

A business name is a legal identity for a brand or business. A domain name is the digital website address of a brand or business. The best practice to create handles and usernames is to align them with the business or domain name. It is the most logical thing to do for consistent branding. As much as possible, do this on all of your social media pages and websites.

Be Ready with a Backup

There may be times when your chosen social media handle or username may no longer be available on specific or all social media platforms and websites. The best practice is to list at least five variations of your chosen handle or username to have a backup plan. As such, you can still embrace whatever you have chosen.

Choose a Completely Original Brand Name

Assume someone already has your ideal username. Choosing a completely original handle or username can boost the chances of getting its copyright. Besides, it secures your brand identity across all social media platforms. A completely original social media handle or username should be distinguishable, easy to spell, memorable, and short. Most of all, it should tell something about what you do.

Determine the Availability of Your Chosen Brand Name Across All Platforms

Choose matching handles for consistency. Consistency in social media handles or usernames can bolster brand recognition and promotes better communication. If a brand or business wants to use the same handle or username across all social media platforms, try to keep it under 115 characters. Avoid using numbers or special characters.

Keep The Handle or User Name Concise

Ensure they are easy to spell and pronounce. A good social media handle or username should easily roll off the tongue when read verbally. To help customers find them quickly, it should be easy to spell and pronounce. Avoid using punctuation. Ensure that it is closest to your brand or business name.

Select a Name That Stands the Test of Time

One of the best practices in choosing a social media handle or username is to pick something that stands the test of time. To do so, try testing your chosen handles one at a time. Upload them on your social media pages and websites and observe the result after a week or a month. Choose the one that receives the most conversion and engagement based on analytics or statistics.

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