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Grow Your Brand with Social Proof

Social Proof

Modern consumers today rely on a social proof when they are uncertain of their buying decisions. A customer testimonial, 5-star review, or industry badge can influence their buying decisions. That is why it is essential to growing your brands with social proof. But what are they, and how will you get them? We’ve got you covered!


A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines social proof as is an idea of normative social influences. It is a theory stating that to be accepted by society, people typically conform to what others believe or do. For example, brands commonly display testimonials from famous personalities or industry experts on their website’s landing pages. Website visitors who trusted these people will most likely push through to make a purchase. 

For a social media agency Hong Kong, social proof is essentially borrowing the influence of a 3rd party to sway potential customers to buy products and services. It is, therefore, a part of influencer marketing. One example of this social proof is Ryan’s World, a YouTube review channel for children’s stuff and toys. It is consistently YouTube’s top earner for 5 years in a row. 

Social proof is what influences people when they need guidance, especially in their buying decisions. They commonly believe a brand, product, or service is right for them if credible personalities or many other customers endorsed them. Thus, it can be a powerful marketing tool. 

Today, brands and businesses implement social proof strategies in several ways. These include:

  • Awards and Citations
  • Case Studies with Customers
  • Celebrity and Expert Endorsements
  • Customer or Follower Counts
  • Milestones in Business Development
  • Real-Time Sales Notifications
  • Review Sections on Websites
  • Reviews on Third-Party Platforms
  • Social Media Shares
  • Trust Badges

These are some ideas to use social proof in advertising and marketing. 


Around 93.4% of modern consumers rely on customer ratings and reviews before buying a product or service. In fact, 93.7% trust a brand more if they see positive reviews. Alternatively, customer ratings are double-edged swords. Negative reviews put down the trust in a brand among 88.8% of online shoppers.

Social proof allows brands and businesses to attract more customers by showcasing authority. They are very effective for online bookings. More than 92% of online shoppers check for reviews before booking services and travel packages. 

Customers all over the world value recommendations from colleagues, family members, and friends. A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of user-generated testimonials to influence a large number of viewers. Videos with a personal suggestion make a brand more visible online besides promoting its products and services. With honest feedback, they make the buying decision more comfortable and effective. 


Below are some compelling ways to grow your brand with social proof.

  • Case Studies. Case studies are in-depth research about how a brand, product, or service impacts a customer or group of customers. They are data-driven and formal in nature. Being a real-life example of businesses solving customer problems, they result boost the authority of a brand in an industry or niche. Case studies can be used on blogs, how-tos, and story posts to make them more engaging. They are 70% more effective than other marketing strategies.
  • Customer Reviews. These are evaluations about a product or service from someone who has purchased and used it. It is the feedback of a customer on his/her experience with a brand, product, or service via a business or eCommerce website. Customer reviews prove the legitimacy of a business. They further prove the quality of service it gives to the customer. A customer review section on a business or eCommerce website can make users feel safe when making a purchase. They even increase sales by 18%
  • Testimonials. Happy customers can be the best advocates among brands and businesses. Testimonials are positive comments, ratings, and reviews about a brand, product, or service. They strengthen the credibility of the brand, product, or service. If people describe your brand or business as effective, reliable, smart, or trusted, support it with pieces of evidence. Browse your sites and check your happy customers who complemented your brand or business. Encourage them to do a testimonial about it. They can be a clip in your social media pages, commendation email, or statement on a review.
  • Trust Icons. These are signs that your brand or business is trustworthy. They are logos or symbols provided by 3rd parties as a sign of award, positive mention, or recognition. Displaying trust icons on your social media pages and websites is the best example of growing your brand with social proof. The more recognizable its source, the more valuable it is to your site. A simple badge from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) supports the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a business. They can increase site engagement by 10% and conversion by 72%. 

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