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The Latest Web Design Trends

Web Design Trend

Around 66% of online users prefer seeing a beautiful web design over something plain and simple. First impressions last. When an audience visits your website, the first thing they notice is your web design. Web design elements significantly affect SEO. It means that a web design code needs to be SEO-friendly. People do not trust poor web designs. So, you better do it good to showcase your business.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, brands and businesses need to update their web design every year. This is to ensure that it is SEO-friendly and that it keeps up with the modern consumers’ demand. A social media agency Hong Kong even highlights the importance of updating the company information during the web design update. Plus, a video marketing agency Hong Kong suggests showing a feature product video on the landing page.

Web design covers a lot of creativity, expertise, and technicalities. If you are a brand or business currently planning to update your web design this year, here are the latest web design trends to guide you.

Creative Scrolling Experiences

A scroll website design uses faux-3D effects to create an optical illusion of parallax scrolling. The scrolling experience, which is very popular with users, transforms the web page into a living world. It even breaks them through a third dimension.

Engaging Interactives

To make web pages more engaging, web designers use interactive elements such as user-driven functions. They are the key to success in digital marketing. Animations, clicking, dragging, scrolling, and swiping are the most common features of this web design trend.

Handmade Graphics

Handmade graphics incorporate personal image-making into the design process. Modern consumers wanted more personalization. That is why web designers use this web design trend to relate to an authentic and imperfect personality. The most common elements on handmade graphics are analog textures, doodles, messy cuts, and scribbles.

Memphis Design

Memphis Design was pioneered by the Memphis Group in 1980. It is characterized by bold and brash colors and patterns. At first, the design received negative reactions because of its chaotic pattern and rejection of minimalism. Today, as modern consumers become more adventurous, it becomes a high taste for art critics. Many web designers use the said web design trend for an explosion of colorful brand personality. No visitor will soon forget the brand as they appreciate the Memphis web design.

Moving Type

Movements embody change. That is why moving becomes a web design trend. It is because modern internet users are aware that the only constant in this world is changing. A moving type web design consists of animation, GIFs, illustrated graphics, page transitions, and UI elements. What makes it fresh is the unexpected movement of text like a circular rotation or side-scrolling news tickers.


Brutalism is characterized by experimentality and raw appearances. It rebels against a standard web design of web-safe colors, gradients, and shadows. Among the typical elements of such minimalist design, trends are asymmetrical layouts, barebones HTML, default computer fonts, plain backgrounds, and untreated photos.

Retro Revolution

A retro design presents old designs in a trendy way. It is more of an old meets new concept. Web designers take inspiration from the Wild West days to revive the so-called Web 1.0 of the 1990s. It was characterized by bright backgrounds, robotic typefaces, and visible table layouts. Retro Revolution becomes a web design trend because of unrestricted creativity standards. During the 90s, there are no rules since web design is not even a profession during those days.

Typographic Hero Image

A hero image in an oversized banner image that extends full width on top of a webpage. It is a high-resolution graphic that represents the unique selling point (USP) of a brand or business. The typography on the hero image carries the weight of the message itself. Web designers use them to create a call to action (CTA) that commands attention among users.

Visible Borders

Visible borders as a web design focus on separating the content of a webpage. It helps people interpret the information presented easier. This web design trend creates an illusion that an invisible hand has neatly arranged the content. Although the reality lies in using a strict grid code.

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