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Reels Creation Tips

A4d2208-001 Reels Creation Tips

Meta launched Instagram Reels in 2020. A year after, the company enabled Facebook Reels. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines Reels as short music clips imitating TikTok. A social media agency Hong Kong highlights that Reels can be 15-second to 90-second long. Brands and businesses can use Reels teasers of long-form videos, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes.

Today, Reels are a great content strategy in different communities and regions. They are entertaining, immersive, and with editing functionalities. These include audio effects, creative tools, and tags to boost brand and product awareness. Below, Meta has curated the best Reels creation tips from global creators.

Be Authentic

Brands and businesses first need to earn the love and support of their target audiences. Through Reels, they can bring their story to the viewers in a much more engaging format. Right in front of mobile cameras, they can upload Reels and avoid the worry of editing any mistakes. These flaws make Reels more authentic and relatable.

Be Consistent

Brands and businesses can create viral Reels. But the best way to make Reels is to maintain branding consistency. Reels creators can control the factors of Reels, such as backgrounds, colors, texts, topics, etc., based on a brand theme. These make branded Reels more recognizable and trustworthy. Posting at a consistent time allows Reels to nurture loyal followers.


Brands and businesses that want to boost engagement should experiment with Reels. They show up on feeds, Stories, and the Reels. After watching a Reels clip, viewers can also click to explore other Reels clips. With a larger reach, Reels have the potential to influence viewers to take action. Experiment with educational and entertaining Reels. Use them to repurpose user-generated content (UGC) and share behind the scenes of a company. You can even make Reels shoppable using hashtags, product tags, and stickers.

Grab Attention

Most audiences respond well to Reels in a short duration. So, its opening frame should be attention-grabbing. Capture a mouth-watering moment in the first 5 to 15 seconds of a Reels clip. It is to capture people’s attention. Be mindful of the tempo. Pull out one or two seconds per scene and edit to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Look for Inspiration

Creators who want to test Reels and do not know where to start can look for inspiration in the Reels tab. Looking at what other successful accounts were doing is one way to get successful. You can create something new and unique by capitalizing on what resonates or not.

Use Insights

Insights are the best way to gauge if your Reels are performing or not. They are also the best way to know what is missing and what to improve. Occasionally, you may pop a question or survey asking people the type of content they want. You can also open conversation on Reels and get to know your audience better.

Use Subtitles

Reels are popular in different communities and regions. Sometimes, bilingual subtitles can increase engagement. They make the content accessible to more audiences. Sure enough, it can boost the reach of Reels.

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