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8 New Twitter Marketing Strategies for 2021

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter is the most popular microblogging social media website in the world. Tweets involve brief messages or short pieces of content about personal events. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, such tweet feeds encourage communication and engagement with other people. They make Twitter a go-to place for news and trends.

Lately, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that Twitter is boosting its eCommerce tools. As the platform’s main focus is Twitter for business, it has continuously introduced new features and tools for marketing. Below are 8 new Twitter marketing strategies using new Twitter tools for 2021.

15-Second Video Views

Last June, Twitter a new buying model for video ads. It is called the 15-second video views. According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, such a video ad campaign objective only charge marketer when a viewer clicks the video link and watch it for 15 seconds. 15-second video views encourage brands and businesses for more meaningful shoots to promote products and services. It is one of 8 new Twitter marketing strategies as 58% of modern consumers typically watch business videos that are less than 60 seconds. It also aligns with the new Facebook and Google updates. Facebook now strongly encourages brands and businesses to keep videos short and sweet – most likely under 15 seconds. Google, on the other hand, allows 15-second videos and under as non-skippable video ads.

Carousel Ad Formats

Last November 2020, Twitter launched “Carousel Ads.” They allow brands and businesses to upload 2 to 6 photos and videos in an ad. During the testing stage, Twitter saw carousel ad formats to have increase click-through rate by 15%. An edge-to-edge carousel ad format can be a great Twitter marketing strategy for showing multiple product displays and longer images. They also make it easier to create multiple designs in a single Twitter ad. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter started testing nudges, which they officially launched last February. They are retweet prompts encouraging the Twitter nation to read the content before sharing it. They are part of Twitter’s effort to avoid sharing inaccurate and misleading information. So, what does this update has to do with Twitter marketing? Nudges can boost credibility and engagement among brands and businesses. They are a great way to establish the credibility of brands and businesses. By encouraging truthful information within the platform, people will have more trust and confidence to connect with tweets. 

Super Follow 

Twitter started introducing paid subscriptions last February of this year. Last September, the platform officially launched the “Super Follow” option. The option allows any active Twitter professional profile with 10K followers and up to offer exclusive Twitter content and premium privileges in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Followers can enjoy these perks through tiered payments of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 monthly. Built under the 4Fs of Creator needs (Fame, Feeling of Love, Fun, Funds), such a new Twitter marketing strategy can bring in more cash to brands and businesses.

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is the first paid subscription service of Twitter. Last June, the platform officially launched Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada. With a monthly subscription fee of either AUD 4.49 and CAD 3.49, Twitter users can access the following features, perks, and tools.

  1. A selection of custom app icons that one can use on a device.
  2. Bookmark Folders to categorize saved tweets into topics.
  3. Color theme exclusive for the subscriber’s UX display.
  4. Dedicated access to a Twitter Blue Support team.
  5. Reader Mode to turn tweet threads into an easy-to-read single stream.
  6. Undo tweets to delete tweets within 30-second after posting.

Twitter Blue can be a great Twitter marketing strategy to promote exclusive content among your loyal followers.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are live audio rooms that are similar to Clubhouse. It allows Twitter users to host audio conversations within the platform. Launched last May, Spaces can be a great Twitter marketing strategy. Brands and businesses can use them to create hype about their upcoming offerings, initiate live events, or simply update their audiences with what is happening lately. Twitter Spaces are initially available to Android and iOS. Another thing to note, Twitter Spaces do not have any time limit yet.

Verification of Twitter Profiles

Last May, Twitter relaunched the verification of public profiles. But it was stopped right after a week. The halt was due to an unprecedented influx of profiles applying for account verification. Besides, Twitter is also implementing less restrictive criteria. Recently, Twitter introduced NFT profile verification. By connecting a digital wallet to a Twitter account, brands and businesses can display unique NFT avatars. They somewhat add a sense of credibility to an account, which has proven to boost the rate of engagement by 30%

Voice Tweets

Last January, Twitter enabled “voice tweets.” They allow users to upload playable audio files up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. Members of the Twitter nation can now listen to these types of tweets directly on the platform. Voice tweets can be a perfect Twitter marketing strategy among the hearing impaired. Better yet, it aligns with the rising audio trends. Voice tweets appeal to more than 42% of modern consumers. 57% o people agreed that they are a more engaging form of content.  

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