The Benefits of a Good Website Design

The Benefits of a Good Website Design.

As of January 2021, there are 4.66 billion active users of the Internet around the world. That is more than half of the world’s population. Three of the most popular activities that people do on the Internet are emailing, looking for products and services, and navigating online maps for driving directions. As people do online searches before buying a brand or product, it is thus important to have a business website.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a good website design increases the value of a brand or business. It can help generate leads and increase the revenues and sales of a brand or business. Below, let us have a basic discussion about what makes a great website and the benefits of a good website design. 


A social media agency Hong Kong defines a good website design as literally user-friendly. It should make the user think less. This is by ensuring that they can go from one page to another in a clear, easy, and efficient manner. Today, there are much more elements needed to make a great website. But it will be easier than you think if you stick to the following principles.

  • A great website must have a CLEAR AUDIENCE. The first step to creating a great website is defining your target persona. You should know their interests, needs, and preferences. Use all this information to design a website that they would like.
  • A great website must have a CLEAR PURPOSE. Make sure that you understand your goals in creating a website.
  • A great website must have STRAIGHTFORWARD NAVIGATION. It should be easy to fulfill the purpose of your website and for users to navigate around.
  • A great website should be DISTINCTIVE and UNIQUE. It should use content that is valuable to your audiences, consistent elements for branding, high-quality imagery, and legible fonts that match the brand’s general style. 
  • A great website should have FAST PAGE SPEEDS. If your pages load slowly, visitors may likely abandon your website. 
  • A great website should have a MOBILE-FIRST MINDSET. A large part of users on the Internet accessed eCommerce pages, search engines, and social media via mobile devices. Make sure that your website content flows easily on small screens.

Brands and businesses should always remember that a website is the number one digital marketing asset. So, it is vital to keep it great to win against the market competition. 


  • Aid In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy. Most people search on the Internet for ideas, products, and services. Most brands and businesses want to be on top of search engine results. Google is the largest search engine in the world today. A good website adopts SEO practices that can help your content rank among Google searches. A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of ranking on Google. Putting relevant keywords on the content title, description, and tags can improve traffic on your website. The traffic allows brands and businesses to convert them into customers and loyal followers.
  • Build Trust with Your Audience. Brands and businesses need to update their website content and information. People do not trust outdated websites. A good website design shows people that a brand or business is actively transacting online. It builds trust among audiences knowing that a website is well-maintained and secured. On the contrary, people often viewed outdated websites as seedy and shady. They do not trust sites with inaccurate and poor information.
  • Creates Consistency. A good website design is important because it creates consistency and helps the brand or business from being remembered. Uniform fonts, layouts, and styles across every page make it easier for people to recognize a brand or business. If you have different fonts, layouts, and styles on every page, it will make a website look unprofessional. It will make people bounce from your page to other pages that look more professional.
  • Sets First Impressions. A popular mantra is, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Even in the online world, the first impression matters very much. A good website design appears confident and organized. It promotes credibility and trust among new visitors. When it comes to sales, a positive first impression determines whether a customer will buy from you or your competitor. As such, brands and businesses should focus on creating a positive experience on a website’s landing page. 
  • Tool for Customer Service and Support. People can judge brands and businesses based on how you will treat them on your own website. A good website design can be a tool for customer service and support. If you have a tab where users can readily get help on their queries, they will view your website as one they can depend on. If you don’t put any effort into creating a good website design, it creates an impression that you will also exert effort in helping them.  
  • Your Competitors Do It. The last benefit of a good website design is making you stay ahead of the competition. Almost all brands and businesses have a website of their own. Making yours better keeps you ahead of them and the top choice among potential customers.