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Best Practices for LinkedIn Bidding

Best Practices for LinkedIn Bidding

LinkedIn is gaining momentum nowadays. With more than 828 million members around the world, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong never doubts the power of LinkedIn in online marketing. Most of its members are company decision-makers. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, companies have to use LinkedIn to grow in the professional market. LinkedIn ads promote their presence on the platform, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong says. That is why it is important to be aware of the best practices for LinkedIn bidding.


LinkedIn Ads are paid sponsored posts that offer analytics, B2B lead generation, brand building, campaign optimization, retargeting, and targeting. They have the unique ability to easily reach business-specific goals. The most effective LinkedIn adds focus on agile bidding strategies. All LinkedIn ads enter a second-price auction system. It aims to help advertisers reach professional members visiting LinkedIn feeds. Such an auction runs in the background within milliseconds. The combination of bid value and relevancy makes ads rank higher during the second-price auction.


Currently, LinkedIn Ads offer three bid types. These are the cost cap bid, manual bid, and maximum delivery bid.

  • The cost cap bid offers cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per view (CPV). It is an automated option where LinkedIn sets the bid without exceeding the preferred advertiser’s budget.
  • A manual bid offers advertisers more control over the bid value, but it has to be monitored regularly.
  • A maximum delivery bid is fully automated. LinkedIn sets the bid of the full get the best key results possible.


Brands and businesses that lack the time to manage regular bidding can take advantage of the cost cap or maximum delivery types. But if they want more control, the manual bidding type is recommendable.

LinkedIn’s campaign manager suggests that brands and businesses should start with manual bidding. Use the high-end recommendation range for your ads to be most likely seen.

Once you have an existing campaign, you can then use cost cap bidding. Through cost cap bidding, you can start gaining leads while saving time and getting volumes of results.

Brands and businesses can then transform into maximum delivery bidding once they want to get the most result in an ad with a full budget. Here, no guesswork is needed. Since you have already proven the power of LinkedIn marketing, let LinkedIn do the rest for your campaigns.